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DJI Spark leaked – FPV Racer

UPDATE: Release Announcement Invitations are out! Check the latest leaked images of the DJI Spark. The latest DJI drone, the DJI Spark has been leaked. The drone will be even smaller than the Mavic Pro and will be more oriented towards FPV racing. It will still be able to capture smooth 4K video and even have some of the obstacle avoidance we have become used to. Everything we know about the leaked DJI Spark is available below.

Update 11: The DJI Spark is here!

The DJI Spark has been revealed! It launched at the NY Release Event at Grand Central Station. Our rumors & leaks were spot on. Check out a detailed look on our Spark Release Page.

Check out the DJI Spark HERE!


Update 10: The DJI Spark Countdown!

The time has come! The DJI Spark Release is around the corner. You will be able to follow along the Announcement by following this link during the Announcement:

DJI Spark Announcement

Update 9: Official DJI Spark Teaser released!

DJI today released an official teaser video for the May 24th “Seize the Moment” Event. Check out below:


Update 8: Spark Release Invitations are out!

DJI has sent out invitations for a May 24th Event in New York City. The timeline of the FCC filings, leaked images which you can check out below and the fact that the Spark wasn’t released at NAB point to an announcement at this event. Stay tuned for further updates regarding the DJI Spark release!

Update 7: Further leaked DJI Spark images leaked

In the image below you can for the first time get a glimpse of what the remote control for the DJI Spark will look like. At first glance, it appears very similar to the remote control of the Mavic Pro. You can see that the built-in LCD screen has been left out, most likely for cost saving reasons. The normal smartphone holders appear to fold down just as they do on the Sparks bigger brothers remote control, the Mavic Pro. Additionally visible are three batteries with the new quad contact points for the rumored charging station. The battery on the left appears to have a fake shell surrounding a harder battery enclosure, this could of course point to a prototype version.

(DJI Spark remote control and batteries leaked)

Update 6: DJI Goggles are released

The long awaited DJI Goggles are now available for limited pre-order. They are rumored to be compatible with the DJI Spark!

Update 5: NAB Event didn’t release DJI Spark

DJI just completed the Create your Legacy event in Las Vegas. The latest rumors of the DJI Spark coming next month are sounding more and more solid. DJI released the Ronin 2 & new Cendance Remote Controllers.

Invitations for the Release Event are out!

DJI has sent invitations to a Product Announcement Event which will be held at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas on April 23rd at 5:00 pm PDT. There are rumors of an event on April 15th, but without an invitation or any kind of proof, we would place our bets on April 23rd.

What to expect at the Event:

The email sent by DJI to selected few was headlined with the slogan “Discover the future of imagining technology”. Now that’s a pretty wide open ended statement. Will it include a new product out of the Hasselblad/DJI Partnership? Will we see the CrystalSky displays? Will the DJI Goggles arrive with the DJI Spark? These are all questions we will find answers to on April 23rd. Stay tuned for updates.

Here’s what we will most likely see at the April 23rd Event:

  • DJI Spark (Update: Rumors point to a Spark release next month)
  • DJI Phantom 4 Advanced (Edit: Arrived on Apr. 13th check it out here: DJI Phantom 4 Advanced)
  • DJI Goggles (Now available in limited quantities!)
  • maybe the CrystalSky Displays
  • maybe Osmo 2 with new 1″ X4S sensor & gimbal
  • most likely some tidbits for the professional group as NAB is geared towards pros

The DJI Goggles and the Phantom 4 Advanced were just submitted as trademarks (Update: The Phantom 4 Advanced was just released). We don’t expect to see a Phantom 5 as the rumor mills are expecting. The FCC Application for the DJI Goggles shows that the goggles operate only on the 2.4 GHz band. This could further confirm rumors that the DJI Goggles will initially be compatible with the yet unreleased DJI Spark and the Mavic Pro.

Update 4: DJI Spark internal photos are here

At the rate the leaked photos are appearing there won’t be many parts of the DJI Spark that we haven’t seen before it is released! Today we get a glimpse at some of the internals of the new compact selfie drone.

(DJI Spark internals leaked)

Update 3: Additional images of the DJI Spark leaked!

Well, that didn’t take very long. Additional images of the DJI Spark have been leaked, and we have them all for you below. Check out all the images, as we get a peek at a pre-production model and also see what the Spark weighs!

First up is another comparison with a Mavic Pro. The initial one towards the bottom of this article was photoshopped whereas this one is an actual photo taken with both the DJI Spark and Mavic Pro next to each other.

(DJI Spark next to a Mavic Pro)

(Here you can see the Spark on top of a Mavic Pro for a size comparison)

(Mavic Pro motor on top and Spark motor on bottom, note the similar propeller Quick-Release mechanism)

(Closeup of battery compartment of the DJI Spark)

(Front Obstacle Avoidance Sensors are hidden inside the reflective black panel seen above the Sparks gimbal)

Update 2: The DJI Spark has been spotted in black

The Spark FPV or Selfie Drone has been spotted in the wild and this time in black. As you can see in the image below the top shell, arms and even motors are either a dark black semi-glossy or gray injection molded plastic.

(Top of the DJI Read More


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